Blank Space-filling Wall Decor for Living Room Ideas

Many people are using unique artwork and wall hanging etc to fill their wall empty space, including in the living room. Instead of picking up your hammer and nails to do that idea, here some inspirations for you to do other blank space-filling wall decor for living room.

1. Sporting Equipment


Find some inspiration through the things around you that give some personal touch such as sporting equipment like surfboards, large artwork or a big frame mirror. You can make a casual blank space-filling wall decor for living room by only strategically leaning them on your free space.

2. Alternative Art


Something more dynamic can be your next option to make a simple wall decor for the living room. You can put a sculptural object above your fireplace for example instead of some traditional painting and print. Or you can try to do something more artistic and interesting to fill your blank space.

3. Large-scale Paintings


If you want to make some big visual element effect, you can use the idea of hang a painting on your empty wall in your living room. The bigger one you install, the more profound the statement will be showing off.

4. Organized Gallery Wall


Creating an organized gallery wall can be an alternative for you who does not comfortable with a cluster of artwork but still having an idea of hanging multiple works. Make sure to take exact measurements for creating an equal space between and make it on the perfect alignment.

5. Wallpaper


For a strong and unique wall decor for the living room that might steal the attention of your visitors, you can consider going bold with a decorative patterned wallpaper that layered with a painting above.

6. Iridescent Mirror


The colorful of iridescent mirror somehow creates depth in space effect. But the traditional mirror also can be a great idea for invighting the light into the living room dan make some optical illusion for feeling a bigger space.

7. Small Objects


Put some small objects or aesthetic knickknacks such as decorative boxes, colorful books, and sculptures in the bookcase that installed into your wall is one of the lovely perfect ways for your wall decor living room idea.

8. Diptychs


You can make a diptycs by hanging two works with very same measurements and precisions on your blank wall living room space.



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