Environmentally Friendly DIY Garden Art Made of the Old Car Tires

Doing the project of DIY garden art should bring positive impact to the environment. Besides, there is a latest trend of the recycling the old car tires. This recycling project has some benefits, such as: environmentally friendly, go green, save the landfill space, give a statement and economically savvy.

There are no limitations of doing DIY garden art using useless car tires. The most popular idea is creating a flower bed by it and place it in the garden. Thus, recycling the old tires also can be made as the decor of exterior walls, porch pots and fences.

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And here are some ideas of DIY garden art made by old car tires:

1. Birds-shaped

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By doing this project, you need a lot of green paint and pairs of gloves for protection. Bird-shape is not the only one idea you can create, other animals, plants and other objects are acceptable. First of all, create a pattern of an object you wish, and cut the tires out. Afterward, paint them in different colors, and you are ready to claim it as a focal point in your garden. Another plus point of getting this idea is it requires less water and has additional heat as the rubber absorbs the heat from the sun. No wonder the plants and flowers will easily grow and fruitful. Some recommendations could be herbs, potatoes and peppers.


2. The Painted Tire Cups and Saucers

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Have you watched Alice in the Wonderland the movie? You can create this project using your old tires. Later to say, it is better to use the very old tires as they are easier to cut off with a knife. On the contrary if your old tires are relatively new, you need a power saw since there might be steel cables on it. As for the paint, the spray paint will do better than others. This project should be done slowly as per layer of paint, so they stay perfectly longer. After some weekends doing this DIY garden art project, you will see how the color of the paint are well-coated.


3. Get Engaged With Your Kids

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Creating the DIY project is a great way to bond family. Working together in this project will make your kids proud since helping their parents creating something unique for something they call home. Any character or shape you create, make sure to discuss it with your family members. And, teach them how to collaborate.

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