Indoor and Outdoor Repurposed Bench Ideas on a Budget

Bench is a type of functional furniture and flexible enough to be placed both indoor and outdoor. The following bench ideas refer to their function, efficiency and beauty.

1. Repurposed Bench


This is a simple DIY project using the repurposed headboard and footboard. So, the headboard is for the back of the bench,while the footboard is for the arms. The seat is using a repurposed dresser drawer. Surround the bench with some pillows, your favourite books or magazines and family portraits for the decor.

2. Playroom Bench


If you are having children under your roof, you may find toys everywhere. To store them neatly, you need to provide a cool and functional storage furniture. Thus, why cannot get dual function, as for bench and storage? Start this project by cutting the frame from 4″ x 8″ plywood. For the sliding door, you better use DPI board as they are lighter so your kids will find it easier to open and close the sliding door.

3. Library Bench


This one is similar to the previous. The difference is the items you out on it. Start this project by laying your old laminated shelf on its side. The base should be 2″x4″, and put a sleek plywood bench seat on the top. The big and large size is perfect to accommodate your books as well as your comfort while reading them.

4. File Bench


Everyone must have a file bench to store important documents, such as medical records, tax returns, and others. Before designing this bench, you need to concern of the design of the hinge to make you easier finding the files. The fabric covered plywood bench ideas will never be boring to sit on.

5. Rustic Crate Bench


This one is super cute but will never break your bank account. You may out them on the patio next to your greeneries. In this project, you need to spend $40 to purchase the materials, such as low cost lumber and storage crates. Though they are coming from such less expensive materials, once you give them the X-shaped embellishments and lighter wood sealants, you will get them like a craftsman quality bench.

6. Slate Blue Entryway


This project gives you boundaries in choosing colours. Yes, as we are talking about the slate blue bench ideas. This idea can be finished with a compartment for hats, umbrellas, scarves, etc.

So, have you found your indoor and outdoor bench ideas yet?



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