Stunning First Impression Decor Ideas for Small Entryway

Having a nice entryway at your home is an important thing because that is the first thing you will face every single day after your long and tiring activities. Imagine if the first thing you see is a major mess of an entryway? As we know, the entryway is the place where shoes, umbrellas, jackets, mails and so on be held on. How about you who has a small entryway then?

Go find unique storage units to hide the clutter for a practical way of the small entryway decor ideas to tidy up the pieces of stuff. There are also many ways to use hooks in an attractive way without leaving the major useful point. Here the small entryway decor ideas that won’t fail you!

1. Mount Wall Hooks


Providing your guests a hook for their outerwear is a good idea to make them feel like you are actually preparing something to your visitors as well. But find the stud to make sure it won’t falling off the wall when you pile on the coats.

2. Small Chair or Bench Ideas


This idea is a perfect choice for giving such a place to your guests to put their shoes when they enter your house. Even a wee bench that pressed up against the wall, that’s quite enough.

3. Rug Ideas for Defining The Space


This idea can help you who are dealing with a foyer that’s really just the wall of another room by only set down a rug in that area. It will automatically make it feel like unified and separate entryway.

4. Hang a Floating Shelf


One of the easiest and simplest of the small entryway decor ideas is by installing a floating shelf. This idea is a perfect fit for dropping keys and stacking mail without taking up any floor space.

5. Lights Fixture Ideas


Installing a bold pendant or modern chandelier could be an option to make a memorable and bright first impression to your guests. As a designer, Phillip Thomas once said, “a large light fixture can make a room feel larger and taller”.

6. Paint The Door in a Bold Color


For you who want to define and draw attention to your small entryway, this idea will be the best answer to your desire.

7. Extra Storage Ideas


If you find a huge mess caused by shoes, bags, umbrellas, etc near your small entryway, reclaim the space by providing extra storage to hold the items.



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