Ultimate Guidelines and Landscape Ideas for Front of House Low Maintenance

Landscaping without measuring your budget and energy is like digging the holes by the hands: longer yet improper finish. A busy bee-like person tends to choose the low maintenance garden as he does not have forever to handle it. Some landscape ideas for front of house low maintenance have to be applied according to some guidelines. Each guideline will ensure you to take a super easy step with satisfying result.

And here we go, some of the guideline you need to know:

1. Start Up Front

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The first step is by deciding the right first step. A landscape transformation needs to be looked no farther than your front yard. As it is the first place where people admire or look at before entering your home. Creating the impressive curb is a must as a landscape needs to be functional.

2. Hardscape First

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Before setting out any plant, you need to do this hardscape first. It includes the driveway, a porch, the parking areas, patios, fencing, and others. This project should be done at the first place as it involves construction that damage the plantings and compact the soil.

3. Improve The Soil Quality

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The landscape ideas for front of house low maintenance never been separated to the quality of soil. Adding organic matter is a must, i.e. mushroom compost, finely shredded pine bark, leaf mold, or peat moss. The fertile soil grows new plantings quickly.

4. Plan Your Foundation Planting

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Your planting should not cover your house, but embrace it. The plant choices should consider the spot to grow them. For example, if you need ones to grow in front of porches or low windows, low-growing shrubs would be a perfect choice. Furthermore, on the corner of your home, small trees or rounded shrubs are potentially charming. While the larger plants will soften the look of your home, and the flower bed will give you charming annual color.

5. Think of The Backyard Plants

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Backyard is rare to be shown off, it is more like an outdoor spot to enjoy the day. Decisions should be taken whether you need privacy or not. If so, the large shrubs or wooden fencing should not be left behind.

6. Functional and Recreational Matter

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Doing the project of landscape ideas for front of house low maintenance is less complicated if you understand what you really need in there, whether it is a total garden or a children’s play area. Each of these two needs different treatments though. The positioning matters, especially if you opt for adding a play area.



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