Unusual and Unique Mailbox Design 2020

Even in this digital era, some people still keeping the existence of their mailboxes in front of their houses for some reason. A mailbox is the first thing that connects you to the outside world. It may get some attentions that create good or bad first home impression from your visitors, guests even only people who pass by in front of your house.

For easy but make it unusual and unique you can get inspired by simple elements. You can also mark your mailbox with anything you interest in or something relevant to your home decoration, household even your business. In addition to the mailbox design, it has to be insured in the right color, position and all the important pieces of information labeled to make you and your postman easier. And here some ideas of mailbox design you might consider:

1. Sculptural Elf Inspired Mailbox Carried by a Tree

Source: chaostrophic.com

Using metal material will offer you many possibilities and potential options to do your mailbox design. Many artists have some desire to show their works in someplace that noticeable, and a mailbox can be a great option. Find the friend artist that can help you out with his creativity and make a win-win situation for any local artist.

2. Intimate chic minimalist mailbox

Source: yesofcorsa.com

If your home is located in a place that is far from the road, the mailbox design that placed at the porch does not be a viable option. And this mailbox design could make an intimate position if you considering the neighborhood and your relation with it.

3. Geeky computer shaped mailbox

Source: dostoevsky17.com

A high tech person will consider this kind of idea as a super cool thing that can be an option for his home mailbox design. You can make it real by having an actual computer or purchased it someplace out there.

4. Happy Blu-man Mailbox

Source: hd.vipwallpaper.xyz

A mailbox design that brings some joy and happy vibes to your postman, neighbors even passing people can be something simple but have a lot of positive energy.

5. Pallet Box For Your Mails

Source: diycraftsa.diydiscovers.com

This is the best idea for you who want a simple and super inexpensive mailbox design. For an additional function, you can add a few hooks below for keeping your key or jacket hold on properly.

6. Simple cool horse-shaped mailbox

Source: pinterest.fr

This mailbox design can be related to your passion or business. It is simple, elegant and can be a great idea for an inexpensive DIY project.



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