4 How to Choose the Right Knobs for Rustic Cabinets

Rustic cabinets will never be completed without the knobs. Speaking of the knobs, there are always different point of views as there are so many sizes, styles, patterns and finishes to choose from. It may sound super easy and unworthy but believe me, it is rather annoying to face such various options. You need to consider some common rules below before choosing the one:

  • The style should match the overall style in your kitchen.
  • The finishes should match the finishes of your cupboards.
  • Convenient to use.

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Furthermore, the following are some tips to choose the knobs for Rustic cabinets:

1. A simple style

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This is a perfect choice for you who love something simple and do not have time to compare one style and another any longer. Besides, if your cabinets are having fancy or intricate detail, then the simple knob will not disregard the look of your entire cabinet. And for your information, a simple knob is much cheaper and it saves your budget.

2. Wire Lone Star Knobs

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This is one of the finest authentic rustic one. Usually, they are handmade so they are a little bit pricey but it is all worth the price.

3. Least Finished Design Knobs

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This one also works well on rustic cabinets. Its simplicity speaks louder than you may think before. This is really good for completing the look of your luxurious yet elegant cabinets.

4. Western Style Knobs

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If you look for something giving you such an ancient look, then try this one. Some skilled metal craftsmen sell this beautiful knob. As they are handmade, so the price is a little higher.

The cabinet knobs are sometimes ignored or better chosen at the end of the day, after every furniture and accessories are completed. It makes sense, as we all know that the knob is not a center piece of anything. But once you get the right style and size, you will get your entire kitchen look different and sophisticated. Although the cabinet knobs come in rather lower price, but you need more than one. So, you should keep arranging your budget on it. The last but not least, every time you think of the cabinet knobs, think which part of your cabinet that needs to be boosted up. Since the knobs provide those jobs well and without further issue. You choose the wrong style, then you can go with it; on the other hand if you choose the right one, then you complete your kitchen’s look.



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