4 Lovely Impressive Landscaping Ideas for Your Front of the House

There are some ideas to make your front garden will be universally useful even more beautiful. By mixing the evergreens and colorful seasonal flowers for example. Besides being one of the simplest landscaping ideas for front of the house, the idea will give you some kind of freedom to add or remove flowering plants as the changing of the season. You can have both year-round greenery and never-ending flowering plants as well.

However, whatever landscaping ideas for front of the house will you pick and make an execution, make sure about the plants that appropriate for your climate and your specific condition of your front yard before making any decision.

1. Cheerful Floral Border

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One of the ideas to improve your neighbor’s interest in your front yard is by making a colorful plant border to enliven your entryway. Make a combination between a pops color of hydrangeas and a few evergreen bushes year-round petunias can be a great choice for getting that “freedom seasons” thing.

2. Mini Water Feature Entryway

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Many people think they do not have enough room for some water feature ideas in their front yard. However, if you break the leg even with a little touch of creativity, it could be possible as well. You can just build a pond less fountain between the front door and the garage for example. This idea is the perfect choice for you who loves the sounds of the pouring water but you do not have a desire for having a pond or large fountain.

3. Cottage-style Planted Wheelbarrow

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There is nothing more unique than a shabby chic wooden wheelbarrow overflowing with your favorite flowers. This idea will be so much going well with any kind of the front yard but the cottage garden decorations are the best one. Imagine your favorite flowers overflowing, even more, spill over the sides. That will be something you want to see every day for your good mood. To ensure your best results, making sure of using a high-quality potting mix that will retain water in the wheelbarrow to keep your lovely flowers healthy and happy even for summer.

4. Classic Boxwood Edged Pathway

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The classic boxwood alongside the edges of your empty pathway in front of your house is a great idea to beautify your front yard with some simple and monochromatic way. The character of the boxwood shrubs that have tightly leaves branches easy to shape into any number of designs.



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