4 The Secret Recipe to Choose Planter Box Ideas

The pretty planter boxes will leave everyone in awe. Yes, though the pressure is on, but some easy planter box ideas will lead you the way. Before going too far and purchasing lots of plants, you better take a look at the following tricks:

4 The Secret Recipe To Choose Planter Box Ideas

1. The Structure Of Your Planter Box

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You need to create a plan, including their height (whether it would be 4” or 6” pots), the shape and growth habit of plants you are interested in. There are three forms of plants, such as either upright, broad or trailing. To get a successful arrangement or plan, you should combine at least one of each form. The arrangement should be started from a tall and upright plant, followed by one or two broad mid-height plants, and finish the look with one or two trailing forms.

2. The Growing Conditions

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Choose the right plants on the right place. The sun-loving plants will survive in a sunny, west-facing location. On the other hand, the shade-loving plants need to be grown on a shady porch. To make them organized, put plant labels on each of the planter box ideas. Thus, if you like plant-combining, then try choose the ones with similar moisture requirements. In this case, soil preference is important.

3. Contrast Textures

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As for information, foliage is kind of specialist plant for creating textures on container planters. There are various size and surface texture of the leaves that you have to think of, starting from waxy, shiny, prickly, and velvety. I give you one example of texture combination; which is the spiky lime-green succulent Angelina with lemon yellow grass.

4. Bold Color

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The planter box ideas can be a great painting though. Be brave to combine some bold colors in one planter, such as orange, purple, blue and yellow. Yet, to shout extra sophisticated look, you may try the color of whites, greens and silvers. While selecting the color of plants, take a look at the color of your house, patio pavers, deck, and borders. Make sure your planters bring dramatic color combination that suits to the entire home design.

Starting the project of planter box ideas need a secret recipe, which are thrillers (vertical), fillers (horizontal or weaving) and spillers (cascading). Bring those three combinations into your back or front yard, and who knows they will be your permanent planters, right? Every planter and its plants are not something as easy puzzle. They need deep thoughts and preparation as well as budget.



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