4 What You Need To Consider for An Ideal Small Bathtub to Your Bathroom Decor Ideas

The small bathtub can be an option for you who has no large enough space but want to install a bathtub for your bathroom decorations idea. Before you go with your decision, you should look for these three aspects about the size, installation and special features of your upcoming small bathtub. They cover all your needs, so do not skip. Follow the rules and see what you get.

4 What You Need To Consider For An Ideal Small Bathtub To Your Bathroom Decor Ideas

First, do the measurements. You have to make sure about measuring the length and width of your upcoming bathroom space even more how deep you want your tube is going to be. This will help you eliminate the unsuitable options and find the perfect one that suits your space well. Second, the installation must be something you have to consider as well. Are you going with a built-in alcove, drop-in model or just a simple standalone bathtub? Your bathroom configuration and existing features that will decide the best type. Third, do you need special features? Even small bathtubs have a large of varieties but it also may drive up the price.

Considering those aspects, here are some examples might help you out!

1. Best Overall: Kohler K-1490

Source: ww37.jimmyjam.co.uk

Installing a small bathtub doesn’t mean you have to get a tight and confined experience. The Kohler K-1490 will give you a familiar experience even in small bathtub installation. It has a 48”x32” footprint with a deeper than typical regular tubs. A perfect smaller bathtub that gives you the same amount of water. Easy installation by professional. This small bathtub also suitable for drop-in or in a three-wall alcove depends on the layout of your existing bathroom decor.

2. Best Budget: Ensemble 5 ft. Left drain bathtub in white

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A small bathtub also means a smaller price. And the ensemble 5 ft. Left drain bathtub in white is one of the best options you can have with gently sloping sides that are constructed of solid Vikrell material for strength and durability.

3. Best Soaker Tub: Fine Fixtures Drop in

Source: trendedecor.com

In a small bathtub, an extra height with a built-in backrest and deep basin could create a normal feel experience since you are more immersed in the water. And this kind of small bathtub is the best option you can consider.

4. Best Traditional: Chelsea 60 in

Source: pinterest.at

Acrylic slipper claw foot bathtub. This one is an elegant and classic claw foot bathtub that perfect for a smaller space with a highly smooth acrylic for extra comfort and easy caring.



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