5 Funny Office Bathroom Décor to Maintain Employee’s Productivity

Believe it or not, bathroom decor is able to improve the employee’s satisfaction. And it influences the business viability. As any negativity gives significant impact to the brains, and it affects to the work ethic and productivity. To maintain their satisfaction in the office, you need to lighten up the bathroom decor. One of the easiest way to do is by creating some humorous signs and posters in the bathroom. Since there have been numerous research about how humor impacts the employee’s well-being and workplace culture.

Here are some ideas to apply:

1. Funny Gender Signs

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These signs reduce the employee’s stress and boost their energy and engagement. This method has been scientifically proven, one of the research is coming from a University of Warwick. According to the study there, after exposing these funny gender signs, the employee productivity is reported rising of 12 to 20%. Don’t you think that this is a significant change? And before their cost-effective ways, this is a must thing to do sooner in every office around the world.

2. Funny Cubicle Posters

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In the term of working space, the employee might feel and act like they are forced to be as a robot. In fact, you must avoid those kinds of things. On the other hand, use a rather playful manner to ask/ persuade them to do or act something, which is by gluing the funny washroom etiquette posters. The lighter the posters are, more willing to obey the rules. There are various ideas you can go on the internet though.

3. Some Edgy Designs

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You need to persuade the employees to keep the bathroom decor and facilities neat and clean, so you won’t hurt their feelings. The design of an office bathroom may seem not so important but according to some research, it affects the productivity of the employees as well as the clients. Thus, a little bit change by using wallpapers or newspaper wall decor will boost the employees’ work ethic better. Other facilities in the bathroom you should add are including the phone rests, bag hooks and a Wi-Fi access.

Get the bathroom decor that reflects the company culture. For example, a web developer company may have their bathroom walls covered in codes or formulas. This is about how imaginative you want your company to look like.

Add some grooming essentials. A bathroom is a place where the employees release their stress. By giving some grooming essentials they love, they would be super happy and treated right.



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