5 Tips to explore Teen Boys Room Decorating Ideas

Teen boys end to have their own ideal visions of something, and mostly parents are difficult to interpret them. As teen boys always have their own world, including the way to choose the teen boys room decorating style and its elements.

5 Tips To Explore Teen Boys Room Decorating Ideas

Before start doing this project, brainstorm yourself that decorating the teen boys’ room is totally different to the one belongs to adults. Explore some options that fit to a young age, such as the fun color to complement their energy, functional to provide them studying and relaxing after long day at school.

1. A Beach Theme

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It has capabilities to boost current mood and energy, especially for teenagers who love going to the beach. Applying this project can be started by painting the wall in powder blue, turquoise and white. These shades bring the beachside vibe. The second step is by choosing the right accessories, such as decorative shells and other coastal themed ones.

2. A Glamour Room

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Are your sons obsessed with certain pop starts and glamorous acts? Then choose this theme. To be noted that this theme is not about gluing all posters on the wall or placing everything inside the bedroom. You need to incorporate the eye-catching colors and accessories. You need to discuss with your teen about the color, wall hangings and the posters.

3. A Boho Style

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Bohemian look is accordingly popular for most teens. The freedom they offer is easier to attract teens to follow this style. There are lots of choice to explore since this boho style has richer color themes. It is suggested to find bright linens, rugs, curtains and pillows. Talking about the furnishing, the most proper ones are made from rattan, or other natural materials. The rattan ottomans, to be specific, will be a perfect furnishing inside the boho style bedroom.

4. Cheerful Tone

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Decide some favorite colors of your teen and apply them for the bedroom. From those ones, you can easily consider the following additional colors. For example, if your teen loves the shade of yellow, so a cherry yellow is a great deal. Please take a note that do not go over-saturated color to avoid being too damp. Those shades of yellow should be toned down (especially for the complimentary colors). The striking bright tone is agreeable for giving an accent, such as for linens, curtains and decor.

5. Storage System

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This is a functional issue. The key is by having some places to hide all stuffs of your teens. A chest or drawer will be fine.



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