8 Alternative to Grass for Front Yard Landscape Picture

Everyone might love grass, but sometimes more people need low maintenance “plant”. And there are still lots of other reasons why people tend to choose no grass landscape, such as save the water bill, reduce the needs for chemical fertilizers and conserve water. Creating a front yard landscape picture without grass may be a little bit difficult (especially how to choose the products and where to find). Here are some alternatives you may need:

8 Alternative To Grass For Front Yard Landscape Picture

1. Mondo Grass

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This is one example of an easy lawn alternative. This is a perennial groundcover that evergreens in whatever the climate is. It does not need watering neither mowing. It is super effective for you.

2. Gravel and Stone

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The front yard landscape picture will be properly replaced by drought resistant shrubs. While the main area could be replaced with gravel and stone walkway. It does not require most effort to create this arrangement. Moreover, the plus point of gravel is its ability to absorb the rain water, so they won’t run into the street.

3. An English Garden

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The characteristic of this English garden is a small lawn area with a green ground cver. The rest of the yard is planted with drought resistant plants. The look will amaze you.

4. Concrete Hardscaping

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The native grasses are the ultimate plants in here. They require very little water and no mowing so you can save your energy dan money for maintenance.

5. Dry Creek Bed

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This project of front yard landscape picture is super easy as most of us can do by ourselves. Prepare the ultimate materials, which are rocks and stones. This is an alternative to save more water. And there are no specfic rules of the arrangement. Thus, you can arrange them in whatever style you need and enjoy.

6. Creeping Thyme

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This is a drought resistant ground cover that will give you awe with its blooms in spring and early summer. Most of them, they are evergreen all year long. Do you want to count more positivities by having them? Of course, they don’t need mowing, attract bees and don’t need much water resources.

7. Boulders

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Go big for being the most attractive front yard landscape picture in the block! You can start this project by finding some native boulders. You should not think of the heavy lifting since the ocal rock companies might help you through it.

8. Desert Plants

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Caution: this is not recommended for ones having children at home. The materials you need are large rocks, cactus and other desert plants.



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