8 Patio Shades Ideas for Your Lovely Backyard

If you or your family members prefer to spend your free time outdoors like commonly Southern Californians do, to provide sun protection and even a comfortable place to your guests during their visit, it is a must for you to consider for having a patio shade ideas. If you don’t have any proper patio cover or looking for an idea to increase the shade in your backyard, check the options below for a suitable idea regardless of your budget or aesthetic design.

8 Patio Shades Ideas For Your Lovely Backyard

1. Hang Shade Sails

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If you are looking for something affordable outdoor shade option, the shade sails might be the right option. It is versatile enough for covering small spaces or providing a complete patio cover even for protection from the rain.

2. Install an Umbrella

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Umbrellas are the simplest, easiest, fastest, and even inexpensive patio shade ideas ever for providing outdoor living shade areas. You can just purchase them in an inexpensive market then drop through the hole in the center of your patio table right several minutes of your guest’s arrival. For decorations, you can go with a larger umbrella for an extension cover or having several umbrellas for some different seating or lounging areas.

3. Put Up a Palapa

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Palapa is one of the best patio shade ideas for you who are looking for an idea who will provide plenty of shade as well as a tropical vibe. It is commonly made from bamboo and usually has a thatched roof that might create an enjoyable tropical paradise for your friends and family.

4. Plant a Hedge

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The patio shade idea which provides you both privacy and shade for your lovely guests in the afternoon.

5. Build a Gazebo

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This classic option might add some distinct elements to your backyard, but it also a little bit pricey over the other options as mentioned before.

6. Plant Strategically Placed Trees

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This idea is a perfect one for you who are looking for something provides natural shade for your outdoor living areas all over the year.

7. Plant Trees in Containers

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This idea has the same natural shade as the trees are planted in the ground with more flexibility if you put them on wheeled bases.

8. Pop Up Canopy

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Even this idea is being the most not elegant of patio shades ideas, but it is perfect for a temporary and movable shade over play areas or extra shade for parties. This one is suitable for small house.



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