8 Step by Step Creating Outdoor Firewood Rack Made of Pipes

An outdoor firewood rack is a must have thing. It needs to be properly built so the firewood won’t be damp. There are various materials to choose to build one outdoor firewood rack, such as pipes. This project is easy and won’t spend your money in a single blink of eyes.

A proper firewood rack should protect and stack the firewood next to the stove or fireplace. The ultimate function of this one is to keep them neatly. This project, we are using galvanized steel water pipe that won’t steal the space. The outdoor firewood rack that we will create is having 2 feet long, 2 feet high, and 12” wide.

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Here are some items you need:

  • 4 – 24” of galvanized steel water pipes with ½” diameter.
  • 6 – 12” of galvanized steel water pipes with ½” diameter.
  • 8 – ½” ell joints.
  • 2 – ½” pipe unions.
  • 2 – Medium size of pipe wrenches.

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After completing all materials, you need to follow these steps by step carefully:

  • Take two of the 24” pipes and screw an ell joint onto each end of them. Twist the ell joints and make sure that the openings of those four ell joints are facing upward.
  • Spin the remaining two of 24” pipes into the ell joints of one of the pipe and tighten down. Screw an ell joint onto the tops of the pipes. Tighten up and make sure they are facing in the similar direction.
  • Screw a 12” pipe on the second 24” pipe using ell joints and tighten them down.
  • Attach one 12” pipe to each of the ells at the end of 24” of upright pipes. Then tighten them. Furthermore, screw an ell joint onto the ends of two of 12” pipes. Tighten them and make sure that the openings are facing down.
  • Spin a 12” pipe into each of the downward ell joints. Tighten them.
  • Attach half of each pipe union to the ends of 12” pipes. Screw and tighten them.
  • Spin the other half of pipe unions to 12” pipes and attach them to the second 24” pipe. Screw and tighten them.
  • The two halves are brought together, screwed and tightened. Now, your outdoor firewood rack is ready to use. The finishing touch could be painted using metal grade paint.

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Another tip to make this project easier is you should use the two pipe wrenches for tightening the joints.



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