Six Formulas for Arranging the Bare Bookcase Ideas

There are lots things to do with bookcases beside for books (only). The bookcase ideas below reveal how to make a room more sparkle and not boring. Ultimately, there are six formulas you need to apply. They are all about the bare shelves and the best and simple way to arrange and decorate them.

Six Formulas For Arranging The Bare Bookcase Ideas

1. Filled Bowl Followed By Books and Bookend


Bring some color of the books (about 5-8 books), wrap them in your favorite fabric, and add a bookend. You can go for some unique decorative bookends on the marketplace. The last touch is by placing a bowl next to your books and filling with flower or other decorative items.

2. A Vase, Ball Shaped Accessory and Some Leaning Books


Choose some books (with colorful or interesting cover) and lean them against the bookcase, place the accessory next to them, and the last spot is for a medium sized vase placed on the top of your books.

3. Tray or Art, Low and Tall Accessories


It is preferable to choose a sizable shallow round tray or mirror. A tall and low accessory could be a plant (fresh or faux). For these accessories, you can take from the fireplace mantel though. The arrangement is started from the left, which is the tall accessory, followed by books in the middle, and the low accessory is in the right side.

4. Tall and Thin Accessory and a Small One Next to Framed Print


This tall one could be a vase, and the smaller one could also be a vase (in different size/ height of course). The last touch is about placing an art print or framed print next to it. In this arrangement, you need to choose the accessories in some variety in height, so the texture is on point.

5. A Large Accessory, a Decorative Box and Small Piece on Top


This time, a large accessory should be placed first. It could be a ceramic sculpture, or anything else. It is followed by some books or a box. The last touch is by placing a small accent piece on the top of the books or a box.

6. Books, a Vase and a Long Narrow Basket


Start this arrangement by placing some books upright, followed by a vase as a bookend. As a bookend, you can choose anything, as long as it is unique or meaningful. Another step is by placing a long narrow basket to store some items, such as office supplies.



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