Top 3 2020 Must-Try Color Combinations for Your Color Scheme Ideas

Understand and get confident about choosing color combinations as the main aspect of color scheme ideas is a must if you want your effort going well and can have a positive impact on anything you have been working on, including your home decorations. It also helps you improve your creativity skills as well.

Top 3 2020 Must Try Color Combinations For Your Color Scheme Ideas

You can start the step to find your ideal color scheme ideas by mixing just two colors and then add some more if you don’t get the perfect one yet. But in many cases, using only two colors of combinations has been quite enough and effective. Here are some examples!


1. Living Coral (#FC766AFF) and Pacific Coast (#5B84B1FF)


Living coral is a lively and nourishing color that has a youthful flavor as well. It would be perfect if it is combined with the pacific coral who has a deep tone but not overbearing. The color scheme ideas of these two might evoke images of the ocean floor that has a vibrant seabed filled with the coral. This dynamic color combination commonly used in many different places such as unobtrusive nature for example. It is relaxing to be seen and creates some relaxing atmosphere anywhere.

2. Ultraviolet (#5F4B8BFF) and Blooming Dahlia (#E69A8DFF)


Purple is a kind of strong and powerful color in positive vibes like magic, a luxury even creativity. This color also goes very well with many other colors, such as green, red, and orange. But the best color scheme ideas for it so far goes to the combination of it with this warm pink/nude color like this blooming dahlia. It sets a cool color combination as well. This particular shade creates some sophisticated and understates effects that will well balance the rich and robust purple.

3. Turquoise (#42EADDFF) and Warm Sand (#CDB599FF)


This color combination can be your statement for saying goodbye to the dark days of winter because it has natural and youthful vibes that lead to inspirational communication. Turquoise is a unique color that manages to be serene and idyllic as well as vivid and dramatic. It is also well known as a refreshing color that conjures up the images of tropical waters and sunny skies. That’s why many people call it the color of summer. And make a color scheme of it with a soft sandy shade will create such a natural and harmonious balance. The color shade should complete the look of your entire home design (both interior and exterior).



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