2 Smart Barn Door Ideas for Spacious Master Bedroom

Some people may love having barn doors inside their house. But as they are custom-made, they should be harder to find. Barn door ideas should be installed in an open concept house so the entire look of your interior is wider and larger. In line with it, there are various colors of barn doors you should choose. For example, if you intend to install a barn door in the basement with several bulkheads, so thin twice. Barn door ideas will never be suitable for those, unless you break them down and create an open space.

Some of us may not have the privilege of having an open concept floor in the entire house. In fact, it does not make any matter. Look for one space to be specific, such as master bedroom. A master bedroom commonly has a large space. So you can install a barn door there, both in your master bedroom’s door and master bathroom’s door, or one of them.

1. Renin Unfinished Pine Salinas

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This kind of barn door provides easy glide soft close, so it is perfect for bathroom. Imagine in the middle of the night while you urge to go to the bathroom faster, this fixture helps you doing good as no a loud door in the process.

2. The Barn Door Privacy Latch

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To give you more privacy, you may add the barn door privacy latch. It is technically installed on the other side of the door jamb.

Barn door ideas for master bedroom and bathroom should refer to your entire home design and decor. Whether you choose modern or traditional barn door ideas, a large or slim one, polished or raw, and so on. Every choice should take some significant considerations and impacts to the surrounding. In line with it, have you considered having another rustic furniture next to this barn door? Such as a lazy chair in your master bedroom. If you are choosing a large raw barn door, repeat this characteristic to other furniture inside, such as a big raw bench. Both of them will complete each other and create a cohesive look to the entire room without trying too much to add other items.

Besides having another furniture with similar atmosphere to the barn door, a little bit of sparks will not hurt you. A vas filled with colorful blooms is always welcome to any kind of master bedroom. So, do you want to give it a try?



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