3 Outdoor Bench Ideas for A Weekend Project: DIY Cedar Potting Bench

Upgrade your patio with DIY furniture might create different look of your outdoor. There are countless DIY outdoor bench ideas that can be done and built even by those who don’t have plumbing skills. And, by this article, we need to show you how to build a super simple and inexpensive cedar potting bench.

This simple plan does not require woodworking skill and you can only spend one weekend to do this project with the cost to spend are about $100 – $500. First thing first, you need some basic carpentry tools, such as the large and small squares, a tape measure and a chisel. To cut off the boards, you need a mitter saw (to perfectly cut off the square end cuts), a circular saw (to cut off most of the cuts), and a table saw (to cut the grate slats). These kinds of saw might not be skipped. As your friends or neighbor if you don’t have any. A drill and a jigsaw is another tool you need.

Talking about the material, if you have such a limited budget, then go for pine. But if it does not really matter, you may choose pressure-treated pine. When you have got the materials home, the cutting list to follow is:

  • 1*1 inch slate for the grate.
  • 2 ½ inch wide legs.

Here are step by step to follow:

1. Make Tight-fitting Joints

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Start this step by marking the notch location on the legs. Followed by chiseling out the waste wood and smooth the bottom.

2. Assembly After The Parts Are Cut

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Spread the construction adhesive and the pieces are laid horizontally in place. Make sure every piece has been in its right angles and screw at each joint. To soften the look, cover the screws using decorative wood plugs.

3. Complete The Assembly

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This step is started by cutting out the opening using a jigsaw, attaching the slats, building the cover, installing the bench tp ends, and attaching the shelves.

The outdoor bench ideas also should be protected with a proper finish. As a top quality quality exterior finish will help the materials from cracking, splitting and rotting. One recommended finish is an oil-type finishes that provide a natural look. But if you need extra protection, a film should be a choice. Furthermore, take a good care of the bench’s legs. These parts are mostly absorbing moisture from the damp ground. Protect these parts by sealing them with good-quality vanish.



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