4 How to Choose the Handsome and Durable Farmhouse Front Door

A front door might be strong and gracious. As it has the most challenging task to withstand with rain, wind, sunlight and the intruders. Besides, it needs to look handsome as it is what people see first before entering the house. It also occurs to farmhouse front door. Most of the farmhouse front door is made of wood or wood veneer, as what it stated being a farmhouse style.

Wooden farmhouse front door is coming in various types and endurance. Thus, here we are talking about the materials you may need to consider.

1. Wood Doors

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We may say that this one is the most common material used around the world. Whatever the style, wood door is the number one choice people look after. Yes, it is undeniable that it is versatile and beautiful. If you are looking for the natural finish and custom wood door, the choices are in cherry, oak, mahogany, walnut, fir, maple and pine. The paint-grade doors are also coming in some softwood varieties, such as western hemlock and pine. If you have limited budget for replacing your old farmhouse front door, you can look for stock wood doors, which are a sandwich of wood veneer skins over a wood core. The price is started from $200. The thickness affects the price. On the other hand, if budget is not an issue for you, the solid wood doors should be your number one choice. Its price is started from $600. While the one with a complete system, i.e. frame, locksets, hinges, sidelights and weather-stripping, is worth about $2,000 to $4,000.

2. Steel Doors

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If your priority is security and durability, then this should be on your top list. As they won’t crack or warp. The price is about $150 (the one without hardware or glazing). If you are looking for the one with the sidelights and premium hardware, then the price is equal the cost of a wood-door system.

3. Fiberglass-composite Doors

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If you are living in the harsh or humid climate, then this one is a perfect choice. They are tough and maintenance free. Besides, you can stain them to match any of oak, cherry, walnut or other wood varieties. Most people choose this material due to the price is more affordable, which is started from $200.

4. Aluminum Doors

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This one is sold exclusively through dealers. No wonder their price might be higher but they come in custom-built unit.



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