4 Tips to Organize Tropical Décor for Summer Party

Have you ever thought of creating a party with an exotic tropical decor but still confused where to start and what to seek? A tropical decor relates to almost all summer celebrations, for both indoor and outdoor, yet for kids or adults. We can say that this is the theme suitable for everyone and any condition (as a matter of fact, summer is the most perfect time to celebrate).

All relevant details should be considered, starting from the initial invitation to the party favors. And let us uncover them one by one:

1. The Party Invitations

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This is the first thing to set the mood to any event. There are various forms for tropical decor invitations, such as the elegant cards with a watercolor picture, casual beach ball invitations, etc. Just to be sure to use the tropical shades of colors, i.e. aqua, pink, blue and yellow. Thus, for the pictures are about beach scenes, palm trees, tropical fish, and waves and so on.

2. The Tropical Decor

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This one refers to the theme you are planning, the spot (whether it is indoor or outdoor), and the guests (adults, children, or everyone), etc. Some ideas to consider are faux palm trees, an aquarium of tropical fish, carved fruits, scented candles (certainly in tropical aromas), bowls of sand and seashells, colorful beach umbrellas, tropical wall mural, tropical floral garlands, etc.

3. Food and Beverages

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This eat and treat issue is always interesting to discuss. By planning a tropical party, the menu should follow the theme as well. Some expert say that the perfect menus for tropical party are the ones that are light and fresh. Furthermore, the menus should be balanced in the term of color, texture and flavor. And some ideas are salmon patties, cucumber raita, jerk chicken, Costa Rican corn cakes, toasted garbanzo beans, and others. So as the tropical drink could be light and refreshing, such as a ginger Champagne cocktail. Some additional menus to consider are key lime pie, mango, pineapple, bananas, shrimp cocktail, Hawaiian ham and pineapple pizza, grilled or broiled fish, pineapple or melon sherbet, rum punch, fruit smoothies, etc.

4. Music and Activities

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These keep them entertained. For adult summer party, you may need more sophisticated activities, while the teen and children’s party needs fun games that everyone involved. Some ideas are Limbo contest, fruit carving contest, tropical trivia, beach games (volley ball, swimming, water fights, etc), and so on.



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