5 Natural Water Feature Ideas for Urban Property

Most studies observe that urban people tend to suffer work-related stress that affects their personal life. Accordingly, little to know that water feature can reduce those stress better than any gadget thing. Some water feature ideas provide water power into your home so it reduce the stress level. It is no matter still or flowing, as long as the sound can heal you, it is worth the try.

The following are some water feature ideas that should take your consideration:

1. A Simple One

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If you love a simple water feature, you can start with a container fitted with an internal water spout. This arrangement provides a soft sound that is calming to the soul and attract the eyes. If you need to install it outdoor, add a greater effect, such as by adding the natural stones and pavers around. On the contrary, t get it indoor, you can complete the effect by placing it next to your indoor vertical garden or a feature wall.

2. A Garden Pond

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Choose whether you need to create the one with flowing water or a pond. The optimum impact surely can be got from the moving water.

3. An Indoor Oasis

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This project should be done by the help of a plumber. Build a water-tight container or rock garden, and install the water feature. The size and design is in your hand. There are lots of choices out there. Besides, this one is a perfect choice for a home office so your mood will not be decreasing easily. The lighting also takes an important role by creating the best calming effect. While you need to boost up your current mood, turn down the light and turn on the water. You might feel so much relaxing and blessed at once.

4. A Natural Stream

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Nature is still number one aspect to heal ourselves. And a natural stream is something expensive and rare in urban living or property. By the help of a professional, you can create one in your home. A stream surrounded by a natural garden can be one of the marvelus water feature ideas in urban living these days. The naturally stream flowing down and bouncing the rocks create a sensational experience. Can you imagine doing yoga or meditation next to it?

5. An Indoor Outdoor Water Feature

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Create one outside that can be seen and enjoyed from the inside, as your living room or bedroom. If you are lack of space, a mini waterfall will not be an issue.



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