6 How to Dress Up Your Entryway Using Entryway Mirror and Shelves

While entering the house, the first thing catches your guests’ eyes might be the entryway. It is not about the size, for both small and large needs some investment in furniture and decor to make it beautiful, such as by adding the entryway mirror. Besides helping the entryway to look brighter, entryway mirror also creates illusion so the room looks bigger.

1. A Floor-length Mirror

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This is a perfect choice for modern design to reach a good amount of light into the entryway. The frame needs to be adjusted to the surrounding, so the design will never fail. Another furniture to place in front of this mirror is the entryway tables. As for your information, this full-length mirror still looks pretty for the rustic design. The ultimate point is to create similar vibe between the mirror and the tables.

2. The Bench Reflection

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Hang a large mirror above the bench in your entryway to provide dual function. Keep the rule that both items should be in harmonious. You cannot do a rustic mirror with modern bench. No, they will ruin your entryway at that moment.

3. Minimalist Mirror

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An entryway should not be as grandeur as ever, you just need to pull a minimalist mirror as a focal point. Other complementary items or furniture will follow the rule, such as by placing animal-inspired decorative pieces next to the mirror so the reflection looks real and bright. The Scandinavian design can be another perspective to play with. It has very distinct minimal and clean look that works well for any type of entryway mirror.

4. Extremely Tiny Entryway

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To dress up this tiny one, you can go for two small mirrors hung on the wall. As a very small entryway usually will be enough of small things, so the pretty small entryway mirror and a shelf will change the look but keep its function to store things in place.

5. Mirrors Next To The Stairs

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If you have the stairway in the entryway, placing the mirrors underneath the stairs and beside the front door will dress up a bit. Choose the design and detail of the framed mirror that reflects the entire home design.

6. Illusionary Windows

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If there are no windows nearby, it is not a big deal. You can create one that looks like a real window. One of the most popular ideas is a beautiful Grand Chateau window mirror. Place the sconce on both sides to boost its charm.



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