6 Inexpensive and Simple Outdoor Wooden Bench Plans on Trend

The most satisfying thing doing DIY project is you do not need to break your bank account to get furniture, exterior furnishing included. If you are willing to look for more and simpler outdoor wooden bench plans, then you should never skip this article. Exterior brings an accent to your facade indeed. And you can actually stay relax outside enjoying the surrounding when the sky is bright. To fulfill those needs, there are various options, starting from a patio table to a sectional sofa. So, here are some simple outdoor wooden bench plans that even can be customized:

1. DIY Plank Furniture

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Planks can be useful if you know the tricks to do as such. Taking this material leaves you easer to saw and join them together. Furthermore, the finish will give you such straight and smooth lines. The furniture that is recommended using this material are coffee table, chair, couch and others.

2. DIY Garden Bench

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The garden bench is usually placed in the garden, porch or deck. The size should be considered as the area. As this one aims to make everybody enjoying the sun light outside the house, you need to make it as comfortable as ever. Add some throw pillow and blanket to add the comfort.

3. DIY Umbrella Table

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The hot sun literally offers so many outdoor activities. Thus, before spring, people seem to start creating outdoor furniture, such as this umbrella table. This one aims to be a shaded area to enjoy your meals.

4. DIY Fire Table

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Have you ever imagined this outdoor furniture by then? This is one of unique simple outdoor wooden bench plans that is worth to try. It provides a twist of traditional fire pit in a small area of the center of the table. Bring the arrangement so your food and beverage won’t get too close to the fire. This furniture is not only perfect for outdoor but also for living room.

5. DIY Cable Spool Table

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This project needs a wooden cable spool and thick rope. The design is that the top of the spool is the table surface. Wrap the thick rope around the spool area. To get interesting finish look, you can stain or paint them accordingly. Your patio will never regret having this beauty on it.

6. DIY Concrete Side Table

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Concrete always offers timeless beauty. They can be modern or rustic, depends on how you make it to be. The materials you need for this project are kiln dried pine and concrete slab.



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