6 Natural Outdoor Bench Ideas You Will Never Regret

What is the meaning of outdoor bench without any decoration follows? The outdoor bench is something you can rely on while needing some relaxing time in the garden or backyard. Some following outdoor bench ideas may be suitable for your taste.

1. Use The Cinderblocks

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Arrange some cinderblocks until reaching the height you require, and add some wood logs or bars. To be noted that you have to choose the thick wood so they won’t break when being used. Some colorful pillows or cushions, one small mattress and a bed sheet will complete the look and make you more comfortable. Try choosing the bright colors so your moods are becoming brighter as well.

2. A Wall Bench For a Small Garden

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Having a small garden does not matter at all as long as you know how to do with it. A wall bench will save space. Just beautify the look by adding some colorful cushions hung on the wall. This is one of the simple outdoor bench ideas you can do at the weekend. To create this wall bench, you just need bricks and paint.

3. The Sandbox/ Bench

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Do you have children at home? Then this idea is perfectly for you. Start this project using wood boards, build them the way you want it, fill the middle of it with sand, and place it in your backyard. So, you are able to watch your children play.

4. The Plant Pots

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The outdoor bench ideas are more than just sitting. They can be a decorative item, such as by building the bench using the large wood boards over the large plant pots. This bench would not be just beautiful decor but also a comfortable seating, which is by adding the bold cushion (green one is preferable).

5. The Branches Bench

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You may have seen a unique bench made of the large branches. Now you can build your own in your garden or backyard. If you have some big trees in the backyard, try this project. Use the tree limbs and large branches, then secure those using nails and adhesive substance. The finishing touch is by adding some colorful pillows and flowers. You may feel like a fairy seating on it.

6. Cinder Block Bench

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The cinder blocks are easy to find and the price is reasonable. This project is started by building a tower using them and placing a board over. The difference between this style and the number idea is we grow the plants in the holes of the blocks.



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