6 Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas to Take a Selfie at

Some of us may be too busy concerning the indoor, so forgetting how the outdoor will look. We should not ignore the fact that both indoor and outdoor wall decor ideas need more attention. So, today we will explore some of the outdoor wall decor ideas for your property:

1. Unique Pieces

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They could be anything represents the homeowners’ personality and taste, such as a painting or a vertical garden. Using the material, such as wood salvages from previous interior works, will add a personal value and bring the memory of a certain time. This psychological thing matters to create a homey and comfortable space.

2. Painted Canvas

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If you have a sense of art to display, this is your time. You need some spray paints, some string, lace washi tape, painter’s tape, a chevron stencil and some blank canvas. Start the project by sparing the spray paints in different colors. The shape and color combination refers to your own taste and touch.

3. Repurposed The Old Windows

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Do you have some old windows and do not intend to use them any longer? So why don’t you repurpose them to create outdoor wall decor ideas. The materials are some old windows (or one) and planters. Mount them on the outdoor wall, so people will see it as the functional windows from far away. It really works perfect for starter.

4. Rustic Windows

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This is similar to the previous one but using different materials. In this project, forget about the planter, you better use a vase filled with fresh flowers. Mount the old windows on the wall and squeeze your vase between the metal bars. The look of colorful flowers against the exposed brick wall is another level of art. You can easily take as many selfie as you want. The proper lighting will help you enjoying this rustic and homey ambiance.

5. A Framed Garden

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Vertical garden is something commonly used by people living in small space. This time, you create another level of vertical garden, which is by arranging your plants on a frame and mount them on the wall. This framed garden would provide a super memorable look at the first sight.

6. Vertical Succulent Gardens

Source: pinterest.ru

This is the best way to create outdoor wall decor ideas without taking so much efforts on it. Succulent is low maintenance plants. So, by having them as your outdoor decor, you save your time and energy. The ultimate maintenance is just by watering them and putting them down when the weather is getting cold.



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