6 Pretty and Functional DIY Bathroom Shelves Arrangement for Towels

Having extra towels on hand in the bathroom is something useful and relieving. But it needs challenges to store them in style. In fact, there are various DIY bathroom shelves to store towels you can try, starting from using hooks, baskets or others. After installing one, then what to do with their display ideas? You need something pretty yet practical at the same time.

So, here we go.

1. Ladder Rack

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This one is a great deal for small bathroom. All you need is just by leaning a ladder against the wall and put some towels on each stair. This idea works for both damp and freshly laundered towels. Doing this DIY project means repurposing an old stuff, ladder included. Go find an old ladder at flea market or thrift stores. The stain and paint will save their look. On the lower rung, you can hang small buckets to store other small essentials, such as combs and brushes.

2. Towel Rings

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You can create this one from wall-mounted rings. If your bathroom is small enough with pedestal or floating sink, then this one should be given a try. You will easily have the towels within reach as well as arrange them decoratively.

3. Stacked Storage on Open Shelves

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Install a slim set of shelves behind the door. The arrangement can be the upper shelves are for essentials, such as toiletries, make up, bottles, etc. While stacks of clean towels can be stored in the lower shelves, while a hook installed between shwer and shelves is for holding the towel of the day.

4. DIY Basket Shelves

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The number and size of baskets is according to your preference and how big your bathroom is. Start this project by mounting a set of wicker basket above your bathroom vanity. This set of baskets is functioned as the floating shelves. After finishing the installation, store some towels and washcloths on one basket and others can be used to store toiletries, such as cosmetics, shampoo, and hand lotion.

5. Open Towel Stack

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You can do this arrangement beneath the bathroom vanity. Stack your towel neatly according to their size; the biggest towels should be stacked on the bottom of the pile and way up creating a pyramid.

6. Balanced Towel Arrangement

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The towel arrangement can be used as a balancer of the surrounding, such as the graphic wallpaper. While your bathroom has such intricate design and detail, you can keep them balanced by placing some plain white towels on the sleeves.



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