7 DIY Pallet Potting Benches with Sink and Other Features

Before the spring comes, you better prepare something, such as creating potting benches with sink. Before going too far. This article will give instructions on how to do DIY pallet wood potting benches with sink and faucet. This is something you should give a try. The features that are included in this project are faucet and sink, mounted hose reel, running water, tool storage, and so on. Are you sure want to skip this project?

7 DIY Pallet Potting Benches With Sink And Other Features

1. This DIY project provides sink and faucet

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Completed with water drainage to water your flower garden.

2. Mounted Hose Reel, Completed With Gardening Hose

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This feature connects to the water supply at your house. The scenario is super easy, while you intend to water your garden, just unroll the hose and let the water flow away.

3. The Cleanup Holes

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While you put a container above the potting bench to have a check on your plants, so you can clean up them easily afterward or during the process.

4. A Cover Below The Cleanup Holes

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This is kind of smart solution so the trash won’t be thrown away to your garden. You can create this one using an old cutting board. In a matter of fact, this cover has multi-function, which is as a cover and a tray to hold drinks and snacks.

5. The Pegboard and Hooks

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They will help you organizing your gardening tools neatly and easy to reach.

6. DIY Twine Dispenser

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This one is super handy storage solution you ever know. You can create this smart feature by hanging a funnel on a hook and dispensing the twine. They will be within your reach while needed.

7. Double Shelves (upper and lower ones)

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Store anything you want there, ultimately those relate to your gardening activities, such as gardening containers, soil, and so on.

The reason why we should do this project is so we will never be lack of ideas while spring is coming. Just imagine how helpful this potted bench will be once spring touches your garden. You might spend more time outside, whether to do gardening projects or just gathering around with your loved ones. And having a multifunction furniture helps you holding so many things within reach. You will be at ease in any case (relates to gardening and outdoor activities). You need to water your garden regularly? Yes, just unroll the hose with less effort. Or you need to grow some new plants? Or replace your old ones into some brand new planters? Easy! Put the on these potting benches you can do it faster!



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