7 How to Style a Modern House with Flower Decorations

Say it with flowers! Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes, flowers are the universal language to express the feeling and emotion. Flower decorations are the way to brighten up the atmosphere around your house or office. After decorating your house with new paint or furniture, the additional flower decorations will definitely give a statement. Still, a few subtle botanical accent provides hints of colors into your room. No matter what design you have, flowers always have their own way to adjust.

The following styling of flower decorations may give you ideas to beautify your house:

1. Full Blown Wall Mural

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Bringing the flowers inside your house is not only about the real flower, the flower wall mural has similar impact to the ambiance around. This bold statement is perfect for your dining area. Choose a full blown wall mural, along with seasonal blooms in a pretty clear vase, linen tablecloth and patterned tableware. This sweet yet shabby combination is too hard to ignore. Try it!

2. A Bouquet Bloom

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How much you love a flower can be described by this style: a bouquet bloom will definitely attract everybody’s eyes. An abundant bouquet of blush pink and white blooms will look radiant against the dark background.

3. Floral Motif Backsplash

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Aside from the real flowers, this style is another worth to try. A shabby chic style is getting popular these days and this floral motif backsplash will complete the informality look. The solid dark walls provide contrast to these flowery patterns.

4. A Warm Neutral Backdrop

Source: homenthusiastic.com

If you are working at home, you might need something warm and boost your productivity. A dark backdrop is not a choice, you should prefer a warm neutral shade of paneling. One of the reasons of choosing these blush tones is their elegance.

5. The Flower-strewn Panels

Source: homify.co.uk

This style is in trend! Choose the bold and bright blooms in your hallway. This could be a scene-stealing entrance that will leave your guests in awe. Furthermore, by choosing this style, you don’t need to think of other decorations for the hallway. Everything should be simple but this one.

6. A Bold Floral Rug

Source: waeaw.com

Don’t you ever think of combining the bold yet contemporary floral rug with modern minimalist furniture? This is the perfect time for such experiment. This floral rug is giving you a strong accent color that draws everyone’s attention.

7, A Vibrant Floral Wallpaper

Source: roof.sentrarumah.com

This look is commonly used and loved by most people around the world. One unique arrangement is by featuring some similar color accent furniture, such as a soft sage green sofa, petal pink armchair, etc.



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