8 Planter Box Ideas with Trellises to Provide More Privacy

During spring, people tend to love spending their spare times outside and seeing their greeneries and flowers blooming. Whether they may be simple or complex planter box ideas, they should fulfill the function you need them to cover. Some may need a focal point, a greenery to look at, and some may need more privacy.

Trellises are providing such romantic atmosphere and a safe bet for inclusion. This is such a good way to grow peas or an arbor laden with beautiful blooms. And here are some planter box ideas with trellises you can try:

1. DIY Pergolas

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This is popular as trellis and arbors. It provides a support structure for plants (crawling vines included), a cooling shade and outdoor space. Before doing this project, you need to call the utilities offices and take a note of the location of your underground lines.

2. DIY T-Post Trellis

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The materials you need are two T-posts, twine and poplar sapling twigs. The bigger branches should be on the bottom and the smaller ones are up top.

3. DIY Honeycomb Trellis

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This hexagon-shaped trellis will create a serious effect to your property. By doing this project, you need a miter saw. After the hexagonal cuts having been ready, mount them onto a fence and screw them all.

4. DIY Fancy Trellis

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It is recommended to place this beautiful trellis next to your front door as a dramatic entrance. Choose the flowering vine, such as clematis, to get those dramatic effects after all.

5. DIY Clematis Trellis

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This one supports more privacy with a touch of beauty and creativity. By installing this clematis trellis, you support the flowering vines growing higher. In this project, the recommended cut size is 1 ½ inch wide strips of cedar boards.

6. DIY Wire Wall Trellis

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This is not only giving a blank wall such a beauty but also give you an accent toward it. A few vines crawling over your wall may increase the value of your house better. You can use some materials to create a foundation, such as cable wire, masonry anchors and eye hooks.

7. DIY Trellis with Planter Box

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In this project, you need to mount the trellis inside a planter box. It will be fortunate if your planter has casters mounted on the bottom so they can be moved easily. Do not forget to add the drainage holes to the bottom of your planter.

8. DIY Copper Trellis

Source: champsbahrain.com

This one is super simple as you just need some Gorilla Glue. The look of draped in vines will awe you.



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