8 Super Easy Closet-Less Small Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Small bedrooms do need special handling and arrangement. In this article, we are giving you some small bedroom ideas without storage or closet-less. This may require a little imagination so the goal of getting a stylish place is accomplished.

Follow these closet-less small bedroom ideas:

1. Garment Racks

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They are affordable and chic to keep your cloths organized in limited closet space. They are slim and some have wheels so you can fit or move them anywhere with ease.

2. Under Bed Storage

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This hidden storage is a perfect space for your bulky winter clothes and extra comforters. You will be lucky enough having a bed frame with built-in storage. Other ideas are by picking up a set of bed risers and some of the organizing bins. They keep you from getting out of the budget.

3. This One is A Must-have Item For Every Household Around The World

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You may never know how they are truly resourceful to store anything everywhere, including your bedroom. Their shape is typically to hold anything. Think of their tall, inexpensive and roomy. What do you imagining by getting those images? To hold your clothes, kicks, purse? Yes, and any other items you used a dresser for.

4. Floating Shelves

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All items you can store on them are shoes, sweaters, baskets, linens and almost everything. The placement is according to your personal preference and the space availability. See? You do not need closet by then!

5. Upside-down Shelf Brackets

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Create something useful on your bare wall, such as this one. The price of IKEA shelf bracket is about $2. And all you need to do is by turning them upside down and installing them vertically. You won’t imagine how many clothes to hang in there.

6. Drawer Units

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If you are having some beautiful purses and shoes to show off, try this idea. Use some small storage chest and drawer units. For more, you better squeeze a wire unit in such a tight closet so you can organize your little ones.

7. Hanging Hooks

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A simple hook can transform your storage system into a super simple yet functional one. This is kind of game changer to hang your hats, purses, scarves, jackets and coats. Maximizing your space by installing this one.

8. Trunks and Storage Benches

Source: teracee.com

Similar to the under bed storage, this one is a cute hiding space to maximize your storage system. Place one at the end of your bed to make it as an accent table or even a desktop.



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