8 The Elements to Establish Modern and Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen style is sometimes really exhausting. There are various details and accessories to be found. All of the farmhouse kitchen ideas do not just need variations but also the right balance of simplicity and charm. To start this project, you should break down a picturesque kitchen into some must-have elements. Do not eliminate a single element as they link to one another. But do not get it wrong either, you can still interpret each item to your liking and budget.

The following farmhouse kitchen ideas are available to be mixed and matched as long as you keep the line, which is a farmhouse kitchen might have authentic details, homemade elements, distressed surfaces and aged materials. To establish those looks, you can do some DIY projects.

Check some farmhouse kitchen ideas as your reference:

1. Wood Kitchen Cabinet

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Another option can be laminate one. The wood cabinet seem rather traditional, while laminate one tends to more modern choice. Any color works good before it as you can pair them with the right countertops, hardware and accessories.

2. Neutral Color Scheme

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They are black, white and wood shades. Furthermore, more modern farmhouse kitchen are also welcome to other color shades, such as gray and navy.

3. Open Shelving

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This idea helps your kitchen looking brighter and lighter. Besides, by installing the open shelving, you can easily display your unique and farmhouse accessories.

4. Quartz or Concrete Countertops

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Simplicity is the key. Thus, a darker shade will look nice against light or white cabinets. On the other hand, navy cabinets will look beautiful against white countertops.

5. Wood, Tile or Brick Backsplash

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We can say the white subway tile with black grout is one of the most common and wanted farmhouse kitchen ideas. These items provide clean and fresh look that work together with other homely elements.

6. A Farmhouse Sink

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The characteristic of farmhouse sink is a large basin and an apron front. We cannot deny its charm in a farmhouse kitchen.

7. Lantern Pendant Lights

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This one is typically farmhouse lighting idea. They provide plenty of lights to illuminate a cook space. Furthermore, the materials build a cohesive look to the surrounding better.

8. Black Matte Hardware

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This is a norm of farmhouse kitchen ideas. They are on cabinets, drawers, etc. The black matte ones fit to the entire farmhouse theme. Besides, you can also choose bronze and copper to get a warmer look. Whatever shade you choose, make sure to unify them.



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