9 Techniques to Transform Small Front Yard Landscaping Picture to Look Larger

The small front yard can be tricked using some gardening techniques to look larger. The small front yard landscaping picture is easily transformed using the following techniques:

1. Laying The Pavers and Decking Within The Right Direction

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The diagonal paths are perfect to create a larger look than the reality. If the space permits, cut the yard diagonally or lay the pavers in diagonal pattern. Similar technique goes for decking.

2. Putting The Warm Color in The Entry

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This is creating the illusion of the eye, so they will focus their attention on the bright colors instead of the tiny space. These colors are orange, red and yellow. Place these warm colors next to the fences or borders. Besides using the paint, some people are using the warm color plants as well. And the same goes to the red bricks.

3. Levelling

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The function of creating levels in the front yard landscaping picture is to create depth there.

4. Incorporating The Surroundings

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This one has been used in Japan for centuries and it has been proven in so many countries. Incorporate similar plants from the surrounding to your landscape design so the cohesive look is within reach. For example, if you have a scenic view full of native plants in the surrounding, take advantage of it. Grow more native plants in your front yard as well.

5. Using The Tropical Plants With Such Big Leaves

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Place these big leaves plants toward the entry or certain area since they provide more visual interest and illusion of depth. Some of these plants are including philodendrons and alocasias.

6. Framing a View With a Pergola, Trellis or Arbor

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In a small garden, we need to maintain the quality and look that we want, which is by planning the structure using a pergola, trellis or arbor. To create a visual illusion, you need to build arbors at the same size of the doorways. This technique is welcoming the guests beautifully as well as tricking the eye.

7. Dividing The Space

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This is also adopted from the Japanese technique. The aim of this technique is to create element of surprise. For example, you create an outdoor dining area but place the bench separately.

8. Using a Focal Point

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One of the easiest focal point for small front yard landscaping picture is the flower sculpture on the bright colored wall.

9. Planting The Container Gardens

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To create a visual illusion, choose the plants with trailing vines or succulents draped over the sides.



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