3 Determine Which Style of Beach Décor Are You?

Evoking the seaside living in your home can be done by so many styles. Beach decor has been one of the most famous design trends for years. It is easy to fall in love with. There are three ultimate styles of beach decor you may want to copy:

1. Nautical Style

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This first one evokes a seaside getaway with the color of navy and white stripes as the main characteristic. In this style, you won’t find any bright pink nor lime green. Alternatively, you can apply navy and white stripes on area rugs, walls, curtains, or throw pillows. Choose one to avoid overwhelming a room. For the decoration, you can add a few nautical accent pieces, such as seashells, etc.

2. Tropical Style

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The second one evokes a destination resort-inspired home. The color pallets are beige, neutral ivory, brown, and the shades of greens and blues. These colors mimic lush detail and tropical foliage. To add some textures, you can choose muted shades, such as vibrant greens. Another option is by giving a little spice to those tropical foliage colors, which is by applying some highlighter in the color of exotic flowers, such as corals, warm reds, yellows and oranges. Opposite from them all, white walls should be chosen as a base or backdrop. So they fresh and salty vibe is completely felt. Talking about the furnishing, try looking for crushed bamboo, rattan and woven raffia.

3. Coastal Style

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The third one evokes a beach-inspired home. So, you will find the traditional fabrics and beachy accessories in this style. The look to get is both sophisticated and crisp with the neutral colors, such as blues and whites. To highlight the house, use the colors of fresh flowers and botanical prints. Furthermore, the accessories should be pieces of coral, shells, coastal arts, etc. And the last touch is by adding the organic and clean line furniture.

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The aims to build the beach decor for your home might about finding the relaxing and comfortable place to be. The first man to be pleased is yourself and the ones you will be living there with you, whether your spouse, kids, parents, or others. You must think of your pleasant other than others. If you understand what you really want in your home, you may find it easier to choose the style. On the contrary, if you look for something just to impress others, you may find it more difficult as everyone has different taste. So, please yourself upon others.



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