3 Different Styles of Country Home Decor Ideas You Have to Know

Country home decor ideas have been well-known for centuries around the world. But less find out that country home decor can be divided into some different types. In this article, we want to reveal those styles for you so you won’t get lost while trying to apply one:

1. Antique and Reproductions

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This style represents the good old days with the characteristics: heavy cutwork table runner, quilts with geometric shapes and colors, copper pots, budget-friendly pine and oak, pewter candlestick, elegant cherry and maple, etc. This first style is admiring the rare features. That is why this style needs more budget to apply. If you avoid getting into such expensive stuffs, you may go for factory-made industrial age pieces. As you may believe that factory-made is rather cheaper, such as a reproduction high chair, etc.

2. Alluring Artifacts

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The older a feature is, the more alluring it will be for some collector of country decor. This second style provides a more exotic inspiration with its colorful heritage. You will find some items in the romantic perspective, such as porcelain from China, rugs from the Orient, silver from Mexico, and so many others. Nowadays, you can replace those alluring items with something more modern but have similar impact and style, such as the wood carvings, intricate baskets, woven rugs, dazzling silks, etc. By admiring the Country home decor ideas, it means you appreciate the difference of every country offers. You may not travel around the world to collect the items by yourself, but by collecting some and put those in your home will create another level of satisfaction you never found before. Try going to local furniture stores or flea markets, and see what you will get there. Whether it will be beautiful English teacups, or others? Those old country decor seems strong and difficult to mix each other, but as long as you decide the general look, it will create an appealing finish. Think this is your own treasure and you are craving for more old stuffs to come.

3. The Genuine Finds

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This is what we call as a treasure. While you are walking around the flea market looking for Country home decor ideas, you may find something a bit sentimental that cannot be calculated. But you need to ignore the nonessential items. For example, if you need a pair of candlesticks, try finding them, not other things. Resist the temptation to purchase something you do not really need them to be laid in your home.




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