3 Easy Guide to Create Outdoor DIY Pallet Furniture

If you willing to build a DIY pallet furniture, though to save more money or to upcycle the old stuffs, you have to do it with all your heart and energy. In fact, doing the DIY pallet furniture is not that easy. And here are some handy guide for you:

1. Finding Materials

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As we are building pallet furniture, the materials must be wooden pallets. You can go around looking for some free ones (except you do not have time and have spare money, it is okay to purchase ones). If you prefer to look for free materials, go to landscaping companies or retailers, dealing with heavy goods. For your information, companies that sell household appliances regularly receive wooden pallets. Most of the time, these pallets are a nuisance so they will gladly give them away if you ask nicely. For one company, it is probably that you can get ten pallets.

2. Find Some Screws and a Power Drill

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These two are the basic tools to do a DIY project. The first step is by taking three pallets and place them into a shape of “L” on the ground. This is going to be your base of your project. Repeat this step until you get all four “L” shape bases. This step will make you easier measure the height of each. After four of them are ready, secure both top and bottom pallets together using screws. After the pallets are secured, join three individual pallets together. This step is to form the back of your furniture.

3. Pallet Cushions

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After everything is done, you can add the pallet cushions on your DIY pallet furniture to give extra comfort. There are three basic shapes you should know, they are sofa cushion foam, curved sofa cushion foam, and bull nosed cushion foam. Each of them provides different level of comfort and different style of DIY pallet furniture.

Recently, most people tend to love doing green projects to save the mother earth. The DIY project from the used materials, such as pallets, help reducing the wooden trash in the world. Furthermore, these used materials also look gorgeous if you know how to handle and decorate them. And pallet cushions can be one of those decor to use.

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Another issue is whether to let the pallet in its raw color or paint it in whatever color you like. It is about personal taste, and both have different beauty.



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