4 Coordinating the Wall Color and Living Room Curtains Ideas

Curtains are such essential features for every home. Choosing the right curtains should consider some other things, such as the color of the wall, etc. Some may say that no matter how fine your furnishings, if you do not have proper curtains to complement the look, they will be unpleasing. The following living room curtains ideas are about how to coordinate them with the color of your living room wall:

1. Repeat The Wall Color

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For patterned curtains, make sure that the patterns should contain at least a bit of your wall color. For example, if your wall is ivory or white, then your curtain should contain the ivory/ white pattern. Furthermore, if you have more colorful wall color, pick one to be applied on the curtains. Yet, they do not be an exact color match. Just make sure that the color is no more than two shades (lighter or darker) than the wall color.

2. Monochromatic

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If you love solid-colored curtains, you should consider choosing the darker or lighter version of your wall color.

3. Complementary Colors

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It means you need to see opposite color on a color wheel, such as if your wall is blue, then you should choose orange for the curtains. This scheme can be said as a classic move but it still works better for modern houses. Besides having the curtains in solid color, it is acceptable to bring the fabric patterns. Such as those orange curtains can be replaced by the orange-and-white quatrefoil patterned curtains, etc.

4. Keep Them Neutral

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There should be one side that is tone down to keep them balanced. If you have bold color wall, then your curtains should be in a neutral color, such as champagne, ivory, buttercream, etc. And to create a visual interest, you can add the embellishment or ribbon with contrasting color.

Have you found your living room curtains ideas? Those ideas will guide you to the right track. Besides considering the color and texture or pattern, you also should concern on the materials. The materials should be chosen according to the purposes you want to make. The materials for four seasons’ countries may differ to those who live in two seasons’ countries. As they have different purposes and weather to deal with.

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For you who live in four seasons’ country, insulation is the best thing to consider. The material of curtains should shield the extreme weather (cold or heat) from the outside. So you feel protected and safe inside your house.



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