4 Follow these Pantry and Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

A modern pantry will be a good storage system in the kitchen. The following kitchen shelving ideas will help you organizing things, no matter the size and design is. Both traditional and modern kitchen shelving ideas always provide one similar purpose, which is to reduce clutter and store items in your kitchen.

A pantry literally is separated from storing dry goods, kitchen supplies, etc. You may need some shelves to store spices, foods, and other things that cannot be put in the freezer or fridge. So, here we go. Try to create anything in place, neat and easy to find by following these kitchen shelving ideas:

1. Choose The Right Kitchen Organizers

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This is good point to start. Out there, there are various food storage to choose, starting from candy jars, plastic containers, glass jars, etc. Decide the ones that are practical and stylish and most importantly the ones that work best for you and your family, your pantry space and food needs. After purchasing ones, start organizing! If you love collecting the canned foods or canned vegetables, you can easily store them in the containers they come in with. Yet, for cereals or other foods, which are not closed perfectly after tore apart, are better stored tightly in closed plastic containers so they last longer. Once you remove the foods from their original bags and boxes, always label and date them.

2. Smart Shelving System

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There are typical storage system for each purpose, such as the user-friendly pull-out pantry drawers for a well-organized and practical ones; baskets or wire shelving for budget-friendly solution; and an open shelving might be your choice for small kitchen space.

3. No Bulk Items

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Besides you have a large family, then buy in bulk should be avoided. Especially if you do it just to follow your impulsive buying as they are on sale. As a matter of fact, bulk-sized containers leave you with so many boxes, jars, cans, and more food waste. But if you really need doing this kind of bulk thing, prepare the storage space before bringing home your groceries.

4. Some Decor May Be Needed

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Style is style, and it really matters whether yours is small or big. Adding a little style into your pantry should not be an elaborate or expensive. Something simple that you can try is by adding the wallpaper (removable one or contact wallpaper). Besides they are giving you a beauty in instance, it also can be removed easily.



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