4 The Best Way To Choose the Right Outdoor Fire Pit Area and Designs

A fire pit is more than a place to warm up. A fire pit is about a place to gather around with the beloved ones. There are some considerations to make before choosing the fire pit area to minimize the risk.


There are some designs of fire pit you have to know before building or purchasing one:

Fire pit grills, Freestanding designer fire pit, Portable fire pit, Fire bowl, Built-in permanent stone or brick fire pit, Table top fire pit, Portable fire pit, Chimney.

The materials can be made of stone, brick, metal, glass, concrete, or copper. Besides, they are available in various shapes and sizes. Some of them can be installed into the ground.

Furthermore, you have to determine which fuel you prefer. This consideration is not only about personal preference but also about common safety and the location of your fire pit area:

1. Timber

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This is a traditional fuel source and remains popular in this modern era. Nothing beats its true campfire experience. But this fuel source should be avoided if you are living in an urban residential where there the neighborhoods are too close each other.

2. Clean-burning Ethanol/ bioethanol

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This one can be used for both indoor and outdoor with low-maintenance and modern design.

3. Gel

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This one is typically isopropyl alcohol based combined with a thickening agent. You should choose this one if the fire pit area is small, such as smaller courtyard, garden or balconies.

4. Fake logs

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This is to replace real timber. Actually they are fueled by ethanol, gas or gel and can be used in confined area.

After understanding the types of fuel of each fire pit, now the turn of choosing the right fire pit area:

  • Open backyard. We can say that this one is the most ideal spot to build one. The suitable ones would be fire bowls, freestanding pits and permanent stone fire pit. Look around and see whether there are nearby structures, branches or other flammable materials.
  • Small space. The most suitable fire pit would be portable fire pit, table top or chimney. You should never consider choosing timber as the fuel, on the contrary, gel, ethanol or fake logs would be better.

Balcony. Yes, though you have limited choices, but you can make a fire pit using a small fire bowl or tabletop with gel, fake logs or ethanol as the fuel source.



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