6 How to Get Rustic Farmhouse Furniture on One-Two-Three

What do you think about a rustic farmhouse furniture? Does it fit for urban people’s style? Some have stated that having a farmhouse house do not mean living in the real farm or near any of them. Instead, it comes with how a house is decorated and styled into a simple and practical furniture as people living the country life. Instead of choosing clean and bright decor, the rustic farmhouse furniture need to be in shooting color combinations and natural elements.

As a matter of fact, rustic farmhouse style is open to interpretation. So, one might have different idea to another. And we should never blame anyone in the making. Just choose whatever make you happy and proud.

1. Neutral Color Walls

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Avoid dark and bright colors for this farmhouse vibe. Neutral colors are all the way, such as cream, soft beige, and gray. For applying the paint, make sure they are painted in the same color scheme and every feature will blend as one.

2. Incorporate Dimension

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This is for you who need to create a big change. All you need are shiplap, bead board and wainscoting. Remember that one of the characteristics we may notice of a farmhouse house is the wall always has texture and dimension. Some may have full of real shiplap, but it may requires lots of money to spend. In this case, small bead board to the wall may bring significant effect to your bathroom; wainscoting in your dining room and shiplap in your living room.

3. Mix Some Old and New Elements

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This is personal, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you need to add something new and fresh, it is worth the try. For example, using your old flour sifter to replace the ordinary flower vase will do better. Find your own treasures and make them worth for your farmhouse home.

4. No Bright Colors

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As mentioned earlier, avoid bright colors for walls, decor and rustic farmhouse furniture. The colors you must avoid are orange, red, purple, etc.

5. Wire Baskets

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This item is super simple and create a huge impact to the surrounding. And there are lots of possibilities to install them, such as in the wall, on the cabinets or shelves, etc. You can add a small one to the wall or a big one as a pillow storage in the living room.

6. Incorporate Wood

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Wood furniture and decor in various forms will add a more rustic look in a single blink.



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