6 Playful Bed Ideas for Toddlers to Encourage their Creativity

Having a toddler may be a little bit frustrating, furthermore if you don’t support proper yet playful bed ideas. Toddlers have lots of energy and curiosity that should be directed to positive activities. They are no longer babies who love sleeping all day long. They need to do something to answer their curiosity and to muffle their energy. As a parent, think and act wise as they will adapt anything we say and do. And more, create a playful and safety bed to keep them in the right track:

1. A Modern Toddler Bed

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This is the first transitional feature for your little one. For neutral ambiance, a mid-century Scandinavian design is a good choice. For boys, the deep blue bed is acceptable. On the other hand, pastel color should fit to your girls.

2. Easy Toy Storage

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The drawstring bags can be your simple organizer to store the amount of toys. Besides they are easy to make, they are also accommodate easy piling up items in any space. Teach your toddlers how to do it in good way and let them following you. The design of your drawstring bags is preferably something relates to the toddlers’ world.

3. Cozy Nursery

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Toddlers have increased their intellectual and social skills. You can practice those skills by playing a cozy nursery for you and your little one. Just find some key and comfortable elements to be added, such as a throw blanket, cute pillows and a plush rug.

4. Vintage Inspired

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This is especially for your girls. Keep things feminine to describe how a big girl should be. Give the touches of light blush pink, ruffled linens, classic chandelier, distressed furniture and reclaimed wood as an accent wall. This is personal choice as some parent may not like how we describe a girl vibe should be. But that is fine. As some parents are still keeping them this way, so be it.

5. Safari Adventure

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Girls or boys might love this theme a lot. And you, as a parent, won’t need to think of the small accessories other than a couple of furry friends, such as elephants, giraffes, etc. Complete the adventurous vibe by adding a couple of adventurous storybooks to be read together before the bedtime. Their curiosity of what the next story is about will excite you and your little one.

6. Alphabet Wall

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This is kind of ideal and common accessory for toddlers’ room. Give a little customization by using letters in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures.



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