6 The Magic Tricks to Maximize Your Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

Having a tiny bedroom should never make you down. There are always some magic tricks to decorate and make it livelier. Bedroom ideas for small rooms ideally should maximize your space and create a new and fresh energy into it. In this article, we will share some ideas to deal with a tiny bedroom and show some styles for limited space.

1. The Simple Layout

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Actually, there are no the real magic tricks. The real deal is about the arrangement and layout. For small bedroom, you should locate your bed frame in the center of the main wall. The reason behind this arrangement is to make you easier to make bed and have a room to walk.

2. Dark is Acceptable

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While the neutral color shades are not your style, why don’t you try the dark one? It is still acceptable as long as you know how to play with it. A charcoal gray, olive green or navy blue will give you another level of chic and sexy.

3. Plenty of Light

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This is the key to keep your room lighter. Add some decorative overhead lighting (such as chandelier or a pendant), reading sconce, a floor lamp, and bedside table lamps to avoid the dark feeling. This lighting fixture will work better if you combine them with the trick mirrors. Though for some people it will look too obvious, but the different feeling will speak better. The light and open feeling will be yours after applying this trick.

4. Accent Color

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Some Bedroom ideas for small rooms state that having all-white rom will create a bigger feel. Theoretically, it is so true but it cannot be applied for almost everyone. Why would you sleep under oh-so-pale walls without any accent to beautify it once? Believe me, you need to add an accent color for bringing your small room into something sparkling and cheerful. The color of blues, grays, or other pops of color can be applied as highlighter or an accent. Be happier, be confidence to add something fresh.

5. Large Nightstand

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Do not worry to add a big furniture in your small bedroom. Add one won’t betray your eyes. A large nightstand could be more useful and functional than the small ones.

6. Illusion of Space

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Hang the drapery as close to the ceiling works to make your room bigger that it really is. The length of the fabric will bring your eyes up. For more, match the color of draperies with the wall.



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