7 DIY Backyard Ideas: A Dog-Friendly Backyard

For some people, a dog is like a family member. So they need to make sure that their dog has proper treatment and exercise. This time, the DIY backyard ideas will talk about the backyard improvement to make a pet (including a dog) comfortable. A dog-friendly backyard is like a classic dream a dog-lover has. As a dog always needs to do some exercise, running, and walking around to kill their boredom? Not only for dogs, the facilities are great for people either. So, though you do not have any dog, the following ideas may help you finding you the right DIY backyard ideas to relax and do whatever you need to do:

1. The Strong Materials

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The paving should be dog-friendly materials, such as the free-bark mulch or the flagstone. Besides, the plants should be strong and sturdy either. Plant the ornamental grass along the side of your house. Your dog won’t make any damage on them and you still have greenery around. Furthermore, the pink-toned plums are also acceptable.

2. Cover Up Your Backyard

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There are actually so many sources to choose from, such as creating a circular line filled with decomposed granite, creating a pad with low-maintenance plants so your dog will run on the unplanted area, etc.

3. Change The Lawn

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Use the low-maintenance grass or plants, such as the violet smoke tree on your entryway.

4. Build The Shady Shelter

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Dogs always enjoy sunbathing, just like us, human. By building the shady shelter, it allows them to lay down and enjoy the sunbathing easily without getting overheat.

5. Use Imagination

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Pretend that you are those dogs, and think of what you really need then? A pet is like a human being that needs to be treated as their different character. The more you accommodate their special character, the happier they will be. And the happier your dogs are, the easier for you to maintain your backyard and garden. In this case, the proper DIY backyard ideas should include comfortable mulch, the running path, perfect plants, border contour, etc.

6. Build The Run Paths and Patrol For Your Dogs

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As mentioned before, every dog needs exercises. By building the run paths and patrol, they will live happier. And if they make their own track through the plants, just follow them. Do not try redirecting them to the new track you have made.

7. Keep Them Save

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An underground barrier should be installed to avoid they dig up the tunnel under the fence.



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