7 Smart Bed Room Organization Ideas: How to Organize a Closet and Arrange the Bedroom

Bedroom needs more organization than you ever thought before as you start and end your day in there. Bedroom, as we all know, is more than a place to laying down. It is a place to recharge our energy and save some important stuffs. A messy bedroom will destroy our mood in an instance. To avoid those issues, we will write down some bed room organization ideas to maximize the room and beautify them with some tricks.

We divide this arrangement into two steps.

Organizing a closet. This is the first step to optimize the aesthetic of your space:

1. A Wardrobe Cleanse

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Sort your closet and get rid of those that have not been worn in the past few months. For seasonal clothes, you may get rid of those that have not been worn for the past season. Give them to those in need. You only store what you wear.

2. Fold Your Sweaters

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Instead of hanging the sweaters, you better folding them to avoid changing the shape. It is recommended to use movable cubbies.

3. Make a Plan

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Organizing your clothing on each type, such as pants with pants, collared shirt with collared shirt, etc. The categories can be broken by the occasion, season, length, and color. In this organization plan, you need some high quality hangers, including pant hangers.

4. Make a Color Code

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This is the quickest way to sort your wardrobe.

5. Shelves For Bags

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To store your bags, you can buy a storage cubby for the floor or the wall.

6. Keep Your Drawers Tidy and Neat

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Which is by arranging the pants and shirts horizontally. For smaller items, such as lingerie, socks, and belts, you can use a drawer divider.

7. A Shoe Storage

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This can be customized according to your space. Your shoes should be put on the floor, shelves or in cubbies; while the boots should be hung with pant hangers. Another solution is by using a footwear cabinet or custom shelving.

Arranging a bedroom. You have to make this space look inviting by keeping your essentials visible but without clutter:

  • Under the bed storage. This storage solution is giving you such effective way to both reach the stuff easily and minimize the clutter around. The things you can use are bags, cubbies and baskets.

Maximize the using of headboard space. Which is by incorporating shelving for your favorite things, such as favorite family framed pictures, books, etc.



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