7 Smart Concepts of Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Around Your TV

The space around your TV may be where the eyes lay on often but cannot find the right design to decorate those space either. This feeling is sometimes exhausting. Finding yourself without any idea on how to blend the living room wall decor ideas and the TV itself. There are some concepts you may copy for yourself:

1. Symmetric and Clean

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Start doing this concept by doing a mix of artworks and frames on your wall around TV. The style of frame should be considered according to your home design. If you are having a rustic home, the wooden or antique frame will suit best. On the other hand, if your home design is a modern one, you could find something with the color of gray and other neutral shades with clean lines.

2. Lighting

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This concept is for you who do not really love any kind of decorative items or love avoiding any clutter follow the decor. You simply put two lamps on both sides of your TV. Yet, if you have a large console, put two lamps will make everything balanced. For example, the mirrored console table and glass lamps to provide such elegant yet modern vibe. On the other hand, if you have rather small console table, place the hanging lights or lanterns.

3. Make it Hidden

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Sometimes you have a large modern TV but the surrounding is a farmhouse style. Both don’t get its beauty while be brought together. Thus, hiding your TV might help. If you have rustic house decor, then you can choose barn style doors as the TV cover. Furthermore, a roll down map also can be a great option to hide your TV in affordable and easy way.

4. Frame your TV

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This is another easy and affordable living room wall decor ideas to apply for your TV. You can search one in the flea markets or antique ones, or do it by yourself.

5. Clocks

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The shape of TV and clocks are different and they can complete each other. This arrangement gives you a variety of shape just like a gallery wall does. And it is okay to add more than one clocks there.

6. Abstract

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To create the eclectic living room wall decor ideas, add a variety of wall decor around your TV. Just get those arts and frames mismatched each other. No rules effect will create a creative yet attractive look.

7. Blend Everything

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In this arrangement, surround your TV with variety of wall decor until you get everything blended.



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