8 Smart Solutions of Shower Shelf Ideas for Any Size Bathroom

Living in harmony is like a dream for anyone. To get this aim fulfilled, you need to do the smart storage solutions. They are able to give you stylist yet organized shower shelf ideas to a minimum budget and decor. Some furnishing you need may include sleek floating shelves, windowsills, built-in storage units, etc.

1. A Tiny Wall-mounted Tray

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This small thing may give you a more adorable vibe inside your bathroom. This feature can be installed by the tub and can hold any bath products or a bath time cocktail, especially the ones in small sizes. Besides giving you additional space to store items, it gives you a beauty either.

2. Two Marble Floating Shelves

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This is one of the most effective shower shelf ideas for small size bathroom. Having a small bathroom means every single inch matters. So, you need to take advantage of every nook and cranny in your bathroom to store bath products and extras. These two marble floating shelves are DIY projects that you can choose your own size and color.

3. Customized Vanity

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A small bathroom can shine by giving a little touch of art, such as by adding full patterns and whimsical motifs of wallpapers. If you have had it enough yet, build the extra shelves on your bathroom vanity on one side. This additional one is to hold decor and hand towels.

4. The Tiny Shelf

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Look at your bathroom corner and transform it into something cute and adorable. Add the tiny shelf on the corner to display a vase with flowers or some cosmetics.

5. Floor-to-ceiling Cubbies

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You will never imagine how this one can support so many items in behind the closed doors, including the cleaning supplies, toilet papers, etc. While the open shelves aim to show off the beautiful towels and decor.

6. Bath Caddy Tray

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This is built-in shelves you should choose if you have any chance. It provides simple design, super convenience and affordable as you do not need to call for a contractor to build it for you. You better choose the contrast color and material to the marble materials of the tub.

7. A Sleeker and Larger Sink

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Although this one does not provide you any surface space, but the look will awe you. For storage system, you can add the hidden shelves behind the mirror.

8. Think of The Scale

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Determining the scale should be at the first place. If you have a small bathroom space, then you should think of adding the storage in every inch, such as under the sink, etc.



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