Five Steps to Get the in-Style Lighting for Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

Farmhouse style welcomes you to the warmth of the home sweet home, and nothing competes it so far. Creating a farmhouse style is not only about giving the wooden planks on the kitchen and living room, but also giving the earthy color scheme and warm lighting in the entire room, including bathroom. In this article, we want to give some tips to choose the right farmhouse bathroom ideas to give you a feeling like living in rural America. There is no secret nor rule but the right pieces should be pulled together to set up the farmhouse vibe.

The farmhouse lighting sets the tone better and cheaper. So, check out some tips below:

1. Determine The Duty of Your Bathroom Lighting


Any bathroom has basic duty as a place to get ready. Besides, there are some decorative features that you want to show, such as the vanity, etc. Think where the most visibility is needed and apply the type of lighting refers to those duties. Whether you want to highlight a feature or not, and so on. There are two most popular farmhouse lighting for bathroom: (1) Farmhouse pendant. It provides the amount of light you need to do the basic needs, such as bathing, etc.; (2) Farmhouse chandelier. This may be not everyone’s cup of tea but adding a small chandelier in the bathroom won’t go wrong as long as you choose the correct size and style; (3) Farmhouse sconces. This is usually installed next to the vanity mirror.

2. Scale Up Your Bathroom Space


If you want to light a bathroom, you need to measure the distance between the ceiling and the shelves. An ideal composition is a pendant should hang down no more than halfway.

3. Choose The Right Positioning


The lighting fixtures for farmhouse bathroom ideas should have the right positioning, whether pointing up, down or out? This direction should be considered according to the activities you want to do in those certain spots.

4. The Color Palette


As we all recognize the the neutral color palette defines farmhouse style perfectly. Those also works for the lightings, such as the ones in cream, bronze, zinc and matte black. On the contrary if you need more pops of colors to highlight the bathroom, you may find farmhouse pendants in rustic red or soft blue.

5. The Common Features


There are antique finishes, repurposed material, bell-shaped pendants, Edison bulbs and ring chandeliers. So, everything is fine by following these common features.



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