3 Basic Instructions to Choose Wall Decor Living Room

Wall decor is like a sweet icing on the cake. Whether it is wall art, wall hanging, photos, it might draw the eyes, connect each feature in the room and make it more inviting yet calming. Wall decor living room and other rooms commonly have no rules at all, but to make it improve your home genuinely, please follow some basic instructions to get the perfect size, style, theme, color and inspiration.

Just select what you really like. Literally, this is very common advice and some people may not get what it should be. Believe in your eyes. If you see something beautiful and get the feeling of relaxation and enjoyment, take it. As you live in your own home, so you need to enjoy every piece in there.

1. Selecting by Size

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Sizing is rather compromising. You can start purchasing the larger pieces, and followed by smaller ones. The larger one will give you guidance and soon your home will be decorated to your taste. Follow the general sizing rules below:

  • Take a look at your sofa. The wall hanging should not be more than two-thirds of it.
  • Photos should be 15 cm above the edge of the furniture.
  • If you prefer small pieces for a large room, group some of them together.
  • The height of ceiling should be considered as well.

2. Selecting by The Style

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Selecting the Wall decor living room by style is kind of personal. To do it right, you should select one that mimics your entire home design. Follow these rules:

  • Select something matching your home design and furniture.
  • Invest one oversized piece you like.
  • Buy one or two sets of small pieces.
  • Frames are must-have items.
  • Select the mix material items, such as metal sign or wooden art.
  • Select one or two signs with words.

3. Selecting by The Color

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In this step, you must understand that the wall color and wall art color is totally different. And both can complement each other by following some rules below:

  • The neutral wall paint will look good with some bright or neon pieces.
  • Line work or style is better than colors, such as by hanging some wall arts from the same artists in line together (although they have different colors).
  • Texture and color is important.

Source: zb.akumal.us

Purchase the Wall decor living room based on undertones. For example, dark brown undertone will look marvelous on the light brown walls.



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