3 Choosing the Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas by Professionals

The artwork, or a wall decor, defines the taste and personality of the homeowner. And they should be hung in a specific space as every artwork or wall decor has a philosophy or some meanings that cannot be ignored. As for bedroom wall decor ideas, there are some tips by professionals to help you finding the right wall decor for certain space.

As we know that a wall decor or art work works to tie certain pieces together so the entire room is in harmony. Besides, the art work or wall decor can be such an investment if you choose them right. Unroll the page and check the following tips and ideas:

1. For The Kitchen

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Most of us may often forget that kitchen also deserves to get a wall decor. A kitchen is a heart of a house where most of the time is spent there together with family members. Without doubt, a wall decor is needed there to incorporate the entire room. You can hang one or some above the cabinets. For the kitchen, the most suitable wall art is something that is small with funny or social prints. The aims to hang a wallpaper in the kitchen is to make our day easier. So, create one that makes everybody smile and confidence to face the day.

2. For The Bedroom

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Opposite to the kitchen, we enter our bedroom to make a retreat. So, bedroom wall decor ideas should reflect that idea. The right placement or arrangement is directly over the bed or can be on the wall opposite your bed. Something large, colorful and abstract is recommended to be hung at eye level. In this room, we better keep the frame minimal, such as by using canvases or gallery frames. The aim is to make our eyes focus on the art piece itself. Thus, they can be photography, desaturated photos, or landscapes.

3. For The Office

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The main purpose of a wall art is to personalize your space and keep you spirited. Dealing with works might be stressful, so we should determine the best arrangement to reduce that, which is by creating a rotating gallery. Start this project by installing a long floating ledge shelf over the workspace. Choose and pick an artwork or note or wisdom that inspires you. As the possibilities are endless, you are always welcome to add some other wall arts with different size. Just make sure that they are in similar minimalist look.



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