5 How to Choose the Best Bathroom Shelf Ideas and Materials for Small Apartment

A bathroom shelf holds an important role. Every bathroom needs to have at least one bathroom shelf. And there are some bathroom shelf ideas that should be understood to get the fit shelf for your bathroom, whether master bathroom, kid’s bathroom, or guest bathroom. The most common way to look after a bathroom shelf is the material.

Check some ideas below:

1. Wood Bathroom Shelf

Source: roomerve.com

Wooden materials give you more durability, versatality and low-maintenance. Furthermore, wooden shelf attracts the eyes easily. The have some finishing, such as grain, stain and paint. People who are living in an apartment or small urban house might deal with small bathroom, the most effective bathroom shelf ideas are the floating wood shelves. You can choose the ones with a dark brown finish that is completed with heat resistant and damp-proof. There are numerous brands offering this kind of product.

2. Teak Bathroom Shelf

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This is kind of sub-category of wood materials. Teak is one of the most valuable woods. This material creates beautiful and sophisticated furniture. You may find it more expensive as it is resistant to dry rot and the quality is beyond measure. If you love having one fine bathroom shelf, choose a corner shelf. Do not worry of the maintenance as they are naturally water-resistant.

3. White Wooden Shelf

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Truth be told that this one is most popular bathroom shelf ideas these days. Since white wooden shelf is always right to be placed wherever, for both small and large bathroom. The white color complements any theme, style or design of the bathroom. If you admire this kind of furniture, choose a multifunctional one to store more essentials.

4. Glass Bathroom Shelf

Source: homenicely.com

No one avoids the beauty and elegance of a furniture made of glass. This one can easily be placed among the modern or traditional home design. To be more concerned is they are breakable and require frequent cleaning. Although this material is less expensive, but the looks provide you the other way. It spices up your bathroom and makes it look larger. For modern and sophisticated look, try purchasing a wall-mounted tempered glass shelf completed with a protective rail design. This is a small furniture that can easily improve your bathroom.

5. Ceramic Bathroom Shelf

Source: vespig.wordpress.com

This is the durable material, provides fresh and modern look, and withstands high temperature. It fits to any bathroom style. The beautiful glaze finish is what people love about this one.



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